NT PARKS MASTERPLAN 2022-52 What You Thought Consultation Summary

Friends of Casuarina Coastal Reserve is in tune with lots of the people who had a say about the NT Parks Masterplan. 39,597 people viewed the Facebook posts or the website; there were 426 email submissions and 171 people responded to the ‘have your say’ survey questions.

Here’re some highlights that relate to our much loved local Reserve:

‘People want their parks to stay, and they want the biodiversity and cultural values respected and protected (page 5).’

‘People want more parks, and…they wish to see the natural qualities of our parks and reserves preserved when considering development for tourism or recreational access (page 5).’

‘A strong preference was shown for new development to be balanced with looking after country, and for infrastructure to be kept simple and low key (page 6).’

‘Overwhelmingly, people stated that they believed that the parks estate should be expanded for the protection of biodiversity‘(page 7).

‘Very strong support was provided for Parks and Wildlife Rangers confining their management efforts to those areas that are managed for national park and reserve-related purposes where their focus should be on core functions such as the conservation of biodiversity‘ (page 7).

‘An overwhelming majority believe that the management of parks and reserves should be linked with health and wellbeing outcomes’ (page 8).

‘A very high level of support was displayed for the view that the park estate should be considered as the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation in the Northern Territory’ (page 9).

‘A frequently expressed view was that Territory parks should be leading protected area management and a role model for biodiversity conservation’ (page 9).

‘The majority of respondents highlighted that the balance between biodiversity conservation, recreation and tourism needs to strongly favour biodiversity and protection over development’ (page 9).

‘Respondents expect that the majority of Parks and Wildlife resources should be allocated to protecting natural values‘ (page 9).

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